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Ferrous castings
The castings are made according DIN Standards and latest EN Standards and casted from Grey Iron ( According EN: GJL or DIN: GG Quality) or Ductile (Nodular) Iron (acc.EN: EN-GJS or acc. DIN: GGG quality).

Castings can be:
1) Castings for fittings
2) Machine castings
1) Castings for fittings
Our castings for fittings are divided in three groups:
a) Assortment of fittings for cast iron pipelines:
a.1.) Flanged fittings with diameters DN 50-600 mm (F, FF, FFK, FFR, Q, N, T, TT, N, X, MMA, MMK, MMR, E, EU and other pieces).
a.2.) Tyton joints with diameters DN 80 - 600 mm (EU pieces) or DN 80 - 200 mm (U,MMA,MMB,MMR,MMK and MMQ pieces)
a.3.) Fittings with flying flanges with diameters DN 60-600 mm (for F-FM, Q-FM and FFK-FM pieces), diameters from DN 50-300 mm (for T-FM, TT-FM, FFR-FM and FF-FM pieces)

b) Assortment of fittings for plastic (PVC, PE) pipelines with diameters DN 50 - 600 (E-KS, F-KS or MMA-KS pieces), DN 63 - 200 (for MMB-KS, MMI-KS, MMR-KS, U-KS or EX-KS pieces) or DN 50 - DN 400 (for MMQ-KS and MMK-KS pieces)

c) Assortment of manhole covers and grids

Protection of castings against corrosion could be with Bitumen from both sides, with Bitumen outside and cemented inside or with the EPOXY Painting.
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